S.5 Online Admissions (2023)

Dear Parent/Guardian you can now access S.5 Application Form for 2023 on this platform. Please follow the steps below;

Dear Applicant, select a method to apply for S.5 Online Admission.

    • Click the above button to download the Application Form
    • Print the downloaded Form. (Make sure you first read and understand instructions on the form before filling in).
    • Fill in your details and there after Go to step number 2
  1. After filling in all details in the application form downloaded;

    • Take a photo or scan your filled-in form (to obtain its softcopy).
    • Click button 2 above to attach the softcopy that you are about to send & thereafter Go to step number 3
  2. Before clicking on button 3, you must have cleared steps 1 and 2 in that order;

    • Click the Submit Now button to submit in your filled-in Application Form.

    We shall respond to only successfully submitted Application Forms using the WhatsApp number on your child's Application Form.